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Dominique Svamberk was born in Prague, Czech Republic, grew up in Germany.   She and her family left Prague when she was 7 years old and moved to Germany. In her early childhood she developed a growing interest for art in all her variety.

That’s where she started the school rock band with four other members “Haze Of Imagination” which led to some local popularity amongst rock musicians and celebrated success with regional concerts.

Besides the interest in music she discovered early a passion for fine arts and started painting professionally. She graduated from WfK, Wiesbadener Freie Kunstschule in 1999 with the emphasis of abstract art and art composition, with a minor in photography.

After her graduation she had few local exhibits with her paintings and drawings. Finally she decided to concentrate more on photography and put her early photography education into practice and focused more on abstract photography.

Dominique grew up in an artistic family. Her father, who still lives in Prague is a well-known painter and lives from and for his art. Her stepfather, who influenced her interest in photography, is today a well-known cameraman in Berlin – who filmed many German and Czech documentaries, movies, and currently filming a popular German TV series. Her stepmother who has a doctorate in Art History – has influenced and supported Dominique’s eagerness and passions in art.

Visual art became Dominique’s new passion and therefore she attended photography courses and seminars. Through her job at a local photo store she gained more knowledge of the technical side of photography. Gaining more knowledge of cameras and its equipment as well as photo-development techniques gave her the insight to become more familiar with photography.

Today she devoted her passion and knowledge to photography –full of esthetic quality and artistic venture. Her current emphasis is band and music photography where she artistically combines two of her greatest passions: music and art. 

Dominique has lived in Boise for the past 6 years and has gained knowledge of the local band and music culture. She has photographed local bands as: Kris Doty, Ned Evett, Jeremiah James, Low-Fi, IQEQ, Blind Fury and also national bands as Tesla, Cinder Road, Fishboy, and Himsa. And still counting - she is becoming locally indispensable for some local newcomer bands.

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